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4 Very Important Points from Scott Morrison's 2nd Stimulus Package

We thought the following 4 measures from the Federal Government's second stimulus package might be of interest to you: 1. Cash flow assistance for businesses up to $100k (minimum of $20k) 2. Temporary relief for directors of distressed businesses 3. Early access to superannuation (up to $20,000 over 2 years) 4. SME loan guarantee scheme Further information Below are the links to Treasury fact sheets with details on the eligibility requirements for the above measures (subject to the enactment of legislation):

Cash flow assistance for businesses

Providing temporary relief for financially distressed businesses

Delivering support for business investment

Early access to superannuation

Supporting the flow of credit

A package of Bills will be introduced into Parliament in the final Autumn sitting week in March 2020 for Parliament’s urgent consideration and passage. The Federal Government has also announced that further assistance packages are being devised. Disclaimer The material contained in this email is of a general nature and information only and neither purports, nor is intended, to be advice on any particular matter. Readers should not act or rely upon any matter or information contained in or implied by this newsletter without taking appropriate professional advice

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