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I am Leonie Medic, a Relationship Development Manager for Aviate group Melbourne.

Aviate group is based in Sydney and is an investment property group that specializes in providing investment opportunities, right across the country, to our referral networks nationwide.

We provide our investment graded stock to many major financial institutions, which has been endorsed by 3 major banks in Australia including Macquaire, National bank, and Anz.

As a group we take all states and capital cities into consideration when in selecting properties. The selection of properties on offer have been evaluated and identified as having the best chance of outperforming the market place.

Our current network of alliance is through our brokering and financial planners, this encompasses Plan Australia, Advantage, Fast, choice, Mortgage choice, and other financial planning arms in which we are their preferred property service provider.

It is not a coincidence that our strict selection criteria, is reflective in the success of 96.3% of all of our recommendations have been met at valuation in the 12 years.

If you have had the experience of referring to a property provider and felt the pain of a valuation falling short for your client, or you are looking to “Avoid the negative equity position in Melbourne”, then I suggest you come and speak to me. (Leonie Medic

Kind Regards

LEONIE MEDIC Relationship Manager

Aviate Group Pty Ltd Level 4, 50 Stanley Street, East Sydney, NSW 2010

Australia T 02 9331 5577

F 02 9331 5800 M 0450 70 73 02


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