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Ziggy tips for Global domination from your Armchair.

So you want to build a Global Business from your armchair… Here are 3 “Ziggy Tips!“

1. DO NOT think international 2. INVEST 3. Create WEALTH

The global marketplace is a rich tapestry of opportunities that benefit anyone who dares. Going global is no longer going international.

The market entry strategy is different – the customer value proposition is different – the shareholder value disposition is different – We must INVEST, not in the traditional sense but in something broader, something more sustainable and something more rewarding. Let me unpack it for you… “I” stands for Information, “N” for Nexus for “V” for Value proposition, “E” for Expectations, “S” for Segmentation and “T” for technology.

Now the billion dollar question is how to turn all this into WEALTH.

Ziggy is appearing for our Building Strategy & Wealth session. He regularly appears on television discussing strategies about finance. Peter is the best selling author of Money Does Grow on Trees.

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